Vasaros praktika odontologijos klinikoje Barselonoje

I am 5th year odontology student from Vilnius University. The mandatory practice is part of my studies, nevertheless I always thought to do a voluntary internship. I started learning Spanish half a year before starting my internship. This stimulated me to look for an internship in Spain, mostly in my beloved city Barcelona. In a little time, I found a nice and cozy dental clinic “Tingsvall&McCarthy Clinica Dental”. I went to Barcelona to see the clinic and to meet the people, who are working there. We agreed working together in the framework of an internship.  Thus, this summer, in the period of June – April, I participated  in Erasmus+ work placement programme throught Partners4Value.

During my studies I gained o lot of knowledge in dentistry, thus I was working as a Dental Assistant. I was responsible for mixing of dental materials, instruments and room preparation and greeting patients. It was very interesting and useful to work together with the doctor in “four – handed” dentistry. In this way I saw many different clinical situations I would definitely remember in my future work.

It was beneficial to improve my English language skills by using it with wonderful people who were surrounding me including clinic’s staff and patients. Of course, I tried to master my Spanish as well. It was not easy, however I feel much more comfortable using this language.

All in all, I would like to say, that this internship was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. It was really useful for me and my studies. I found myself very flexible, open – minded, diligent and communicative. I had an opportunity to observe the “backstage” of the dental clinic I would definitely use in my future work as a dentist. Therefore, it was the first situation in my life, when I was forced to speak in English in my daily life and in this way I improved my English skills.

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