The unique experience in Germany

If someone asked me about my traineeship experience, It would be hard to express, there were a lot of various impressions so in order to explain everything it would take me a lot more time.

Lets start from the beginning. I have been in Germany for a few times and already had my opinion about this country but I have not expected that I will be going to such a small village called Hüttenfeld. Although a small village, it revealed to me the true German spirit. I came to visiting German Lithuanian community which accepted me very warmly. After familiarising myself with the surroundings i started working in a German-Lithuanian private school which provided me with valuable experience. I was teaching children, did some pastoral activities and also i was organising all kinds of events and trips with pupils. Everyone who i was involved with were very helpful and ready to help me with work any time of the day even during freetime because well, i was still new to the place. I also attended a few city festivals including Spargelfest where people were very happy it looked as if they had no worries in their life at that time. Because i lived in Germany for half a year i had time to see the country’s landscape. I traveled to the mountains, hiked in forests, visited some lakes and a few other impressive places which we don’t even have in our beutifull country Lithuania. If we look at this from a financial perspective everything costs much more in Germany but if you save up enough money you can give yourself a gift of visiting amazing and unseen places. While i was at Germany i visited the capital Berlin and a town called Giessen. In france i have been to Strasburg city. During this time i felt adapted to the German culture which quickly found its way in my heart. I recommend to everyone to visit this country and to be more exact, to visit the place i did my traineeship. It will offer fresh exciting challenges and new people that you will meet.

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