Traineeship at „ZZDP Architecten“ architecture office in Amsterdam

Aistė Mankutė
After finishing my bachelor’s studies I was unsure of how should I pursue my career as an architect. I decided that the best choice is to try working and get closer to the inside life of a real architecture company.
As my studies were completed I went for an architecture traineeship in Amsterdam to test my skills in an architectural office abroad. At “ZZDP architecten” I have been really inspired by some of my colleagues who are professionals in this field and this is what motivates me to pursue a master’s degree and improve my personal qualification. I aspire to be able to produce design work like theirs.
Working in the office gave me valuable experience in collaborating with other architects and understanding the inside system of the company let alone improving my digital drawing, modeling skills in Revit, AutoCad, Illustrator, Indesign and other programs. Being part of the Dutch society you get to know work culture of the country as well as the history. I am still in love with the urban design of the city of Amsterdam – as a junior architect I was amazed by the thoughtful use of the water and soil, transportation system which is completely dominated by bicycles and effective public transportation and, of course, the quality of architecture.
While living and working in Amsterdam I was keen to visit as many sightseeing places as I could and broaden my circle of friends which I successfully did.
To sum up, I can easily imagine myself working in an international architecture office in the future. This traineeship gave me self-confidence and a different approach to my profession, therefore I would definitely recommend students taking an opportunity like this!

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