After finishing my bachelors in Italian Language and Art Critique, the programme of Erasmus+ traineeships sounded like a brilliant idea. I really love theatre, so I was searching for something in Italy that would not only give me the possibility to be a part of its work but would also be interesting and challenging for its theatrical philosophy.

I found Teatro Nucleo, a historic theatre founded in 1974 in Buenos Aires by Cora Herrendorf and Horacio Czertok which at the end of 80s had to move from Argentina for various political and social reasons – and stayed permanently in Ferrara. This theatre seemed the most attractive because of its variety of activities and its strong relation with the social theatre. Out of all the possible choices, I only sent an application letter to Teatro Nucleo and at the same day I received a response that the theatre was welcoming new trainees and I got the part. However, not everything went that smooth – It appeared to be a lot harder than I thought to find a room to rent in a town as small as Ferrara in October, when the new academic year has just started. Fortunately, with a help of an actress from the theatre I found the perfect room where I have been living ever since. The panic of my search for accommodation taught me not to be afraid to ask for help.

These four months in the theatre passed incredibly quickly and meaningfully. Like my mentor of the traineeship said – in this short period I had an opportunity to taste different parts of theatrical life. My main task was to work with the archive of the theatre – to digitalize heaps of photographs in which the rich history of Teatro Nucleo was reflected. I was also helping to arrange the theatre for events, prepare the scenographies for performances while having a lot of possibilities to participate in various artistic workshops and courses. I observed the rehearsals and performances and lead the tours with the troupe of the theatre.

I am very thankful and happy for the chance to participate in Erasmus+ traineeship programme. This period was very important to me. I had the possibility get to know the theatrical, cultural and social life of Italy. I also improved my Italian skills, traveled and most importantly, it gave me a lot of meaningful experience that has enriched me as a person.

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