Traineeship experience in the most romantic cities in Italy

Santa Korsakaitė

Studies in University gave me a lot, not only knowledge, but also an amazing experience. So while studying, I tried to take everything that i could, including studying and working abroad.
I knew that I want to do my postgraduate internship in Italy and I got an amazing offer. One office of Rome gave me an internship place and the craziest part is that a group of people worked in Venice for most of the time. My friend, who came with me to Rome, and I were lucky enough to be in the group of people who worked in Venice, so instead of one amazing city, we got an ability to work in two, the most romantic cities in Italy.
Our work schedule was a bit different than in an office in Rome. We had only Mondays free, but we also got a one-week holiday. My main tasks were to do all assisting job for the architects, also communicating with clients. We also held some workshops. Mostly we communicated in English but also had to learn a few Italian words. So not only my architecture and program skills had improved, but also language, communication skills, and my self-esteem.
I think that taking a chance to live in another country, while studying or working is one of the best things you can do to yourself. Seeing other cultures and trying to fit in really broadens your mind, helps to develop your work skills as much as your personal skills. It is also a great ability to travel and explore not only the city you are in but also to visit the surroundings very easily.

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