Third time’s a charm

Elinga Šeinauskaitė

With Erasmus firstly I have lived in France, then Netherlands and now it is my lucky third time in beautiful heaven – Fuerteventura. After 4 months internship I have got an offer to keep working in a company, and without any doubts I said YES.
When started university, had no idea about all these exciting challanges Erasmus gonna give me. No matter how scared sometimes I was, I kept going on my way.
And now I have the job I honestly love and already feeling here like home. This place with all the nature beauty, culture and its spirit inspires my as nothing ever inspired before. Therefore I am up to do all those things I planned, dreamed but never really started. Now I am ready.

And yes, I am learning surfing, because I live now in a surfing paradise ! Let’s rock and roll !!!

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