Telekomunikacijų inžinieriaus stažuotė Jungtinių Tautų vystymo programoje

During my Bachelors studies in Electronics Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology I was a part of research and development team where my primary responsibility was programming. As it seemed really interesting I decided to study Computer Science in my masters. To make studies more efficient I decided to take a gap year and gain more experience in the field. Thanks to my colleagues and Partners4Value I had an opportunity to have really fun international internship. In June I went to Denmark to take place as ICT Engineer Intern at United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).

UNDP offered me an opportunity to apply my current skill set and gain new knowledge by getting involved in various field related with Green Energy, Business and Networking. As my interest were related with web development and networking technologies I was mainly polishing my networking skills. During nearly three and a half month internship I gained valuable experience in networking technologies by helping to assemble and configure and test the equipment. I also had a chance to use my knowledge from the studies in the university to help in making Green Energy related solutions. I also had an opportunity to run my own initiative related with web development.

Reasons why I chose UNDP are that: a) I wanted to visit Scandinavian country and Copenhagen is a very strategic place to stay if you would also like to visit Norway and Sweden); b) My colleagues had an internship in the United Nations (UN City) in Denmark, Copenhagen. They were really excited about it; c) The internship advert perfectly in sync with my gap year plans. Copenhagen gave me an opportunity to go to meetups where groups of people were gathering to listen other to share or share their experience and knowledge in specific topics.

In conclusion I would like to say that the internship gave me even more that the initial position advert offered as I was able to be involved in Green Energy projects and running my own initiatives. I was working in UN City with a lot of other agencies where I was able to meet really bright and trustworthy people from all over the world and learn a lot about their culture and life experience which both broadened my mind and helped to grow as a person. Copenhagen seemed to be a great city for a person to broaden his mind.

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