My Summer Internship at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Ireland

I was interested in the field of diplomacy from the early school years. During my studies at Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science I have raised my curiosity and willingness to try myself in this field and get a real hands on experience. That is why I applied for the internship at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Ireland.

I was so happy to have an opportunity to learn from professionals who had a long time experience and what is more important who successfully managed creating a perfect working and learning environment for all the interns.

I definitely broadened my knowledge and expertise in the field of International Migration: a) got to know the situation of Lithuanian diaspora and understanding issues they encounter related to legal framework, b) social problems they come up with in their daily life; c)  national bureaucratic mechanisms while doing consular work tasks. Besides,  I had a chance to participate in various interesting events, discussions and conferences where I raised my awareness on global issues as refugee crises, cyber security, international labor migration, climate change and ect.

I am truly happy with the choice of my internship and thankful for the possibility to get Erasmus+ scholarship. I believe that this experience helped me to fulfill my professional goals and dreams as well as to create new ones.

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