Stažuotė Warsaw University of Technology Lenkijoje

I currently am second course doctorate student in VGTU. I’ve decided that it would be beneficial to gain experience in my field of study abroad. Thus I got a proposal from Warsaw University of Technology.

I got accepted for traineeship in Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. During which I reviewed literature about human spine’s instability’s modelling problem. I gained valuable knowledge in bone porous material mathematical modelling and it’s current situation. Additionally, I gained new skills in bone rheological model classification and FEM calculations with ANSYS software. The traineeship’s results are put in two articles, which will be published in reviewed international science magazines.

Work in Warsaw University was pleasant and productive. Each week the university organized seminars, during which you were able to hear about various new ideas. These seminars also gave incentive to discuss these works’ topics. At the end of the traineeship I presented my work’s results during the seminar. The discussion gave me insight on strengths and weaknesses of my research.

I’m really glad, that I had the opportunity be part of Erasmus+ traineeship program. The gained experience improved my professional competence. Also, I met many brilliant and interesting people. I am grateful to Warsaw University of Technology for warm reception and the opportunity. I’d like to personally thank prof. Natalya Kizilova for support during the traineeship.

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