Stažuotė Lietuvos ambasadoje Belgijoje

After graduation from the Vilnius University and completing Master’s Degree in Eastern European and Russian studies programme I wanted to gain international work  experience. Brussels is considered to be the centre of world class politics and the hub of European Union policy making. Additionally, it is a multicultural city with a rich cultural life and day-to-day events that keep you busy and curious to learn more every day. That is why three months at the Embassy of Lithuania in Belgium seemed like a very good opportunity for a recent graduate in political science, like myself.

During the internship time spent in Brussels I was tasked with  administrative and organisational duties. My internship was strongly related with economic sector, therefore I had to communicate with Lithuanian and Belgian business representatives, as well as potential investors. I was responsible for organising one of the most important events in the Embassy this year – “Lithuanian business friendly environment – Free Economic Zones”. I was responsible for  the event’s logistics and communication. I am happy that I was trusted by the staff of the Mission to be fully responsible for the organisation of an event of this importance. Furthermore, during my internship I was also involved in promotion and representation of Lithuania, especially in the event where Embassy of Lithuania was invited to present traditional cuisine, where along with other EU member states, we were able to show some of our gastronomical specialities. It was my pleasure to assist with the logistics and funding for the event, as well as to liaise with the European Union Parliament.

I believe I have easily adapted in the working environment as I felt being an equal staff member together with the diplomats of the Mission. I strongly recommend to use this opportunity as this internship gives you not only valuable professional experience, the sense of living abroad and personal growth, but also helps to develop foreign language skills, which are essential to a young professional.

By Emilija Nefaitė, VU graduate



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