Spiritual Counseling Traineeship Summer of Practical Experiences with “Living Waters,” Finland, 201

My internship lasted two months – from the end of June till the end of August. It was very important time for my personal, spiritual and professional growth.

There are a few things, which were involved into my traineeship and which I would like to name as conditions for this growth. It was living in Andy and Sirkku Chambers’ family, participating in their life, sharing my personal challenges in a small group and with personal counselor, participating in counseling sessions (as an observer), reading “Living Waters” books and discussing my reflections and insights with the mentor Anya, meeting new people, participating in different seminars. Of course, it included daily personal and common prayer in a family, deep sharing and everyday conversations. All these things God was using to change me and my beliefs. Thus, these two months were signed by His deep acting, which depends on human response to Him as well. Of course, I got many challenges during this time. But I was trying to say “Yes” to Him and all things, which He was giving to me. I was seeking Him as I understood Him. In this way I have experienced His transforming acting. And I feel, these two months of internship were used just for that. I have never experienced such a big progress during such a short time!

I was greatly amazed, when I came back to Lithuania. To be true, at first I thought my changes obtained only in Finland… But soon I realized, that I was different than before… I have changed. Many people were confirming it to me without asking. For me it was so strange to hear it sometimes and I could hardly believe it. But anyway, it is good to hear, what people must not say!

Of course, life is going on forward, and we must keep the right direction, if we want to grow further. But also, I have a sense, these extreme traineeship’ experiences are like a catalyzer for my personal, spiritual and professional life. Thus, I say special thanks to God, to Chambers’ family, to Erasmus+ program and to everyone, who helped me before, during and after this internship!


By Akvile Lukaseviciute, KU graduate

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