Raimonda Kundrotaitė. The Scandinavian internship!

Raimonda Kundrotaitė. The Scandinavian internship!

I was used to study Law and Management in the Mykolas romeris University and have never imagine how much it could help me to meet the world. Usually, I find transnational cooperation as one of the most preferable thing for my future! That is absolutely brilliant to remember my internship! It looks that I could never stop to talk about my colorful moments in Stockholm.

At the beginning I have to make some short introduction about my internship. Actually, it looks like I did it for about one million times, because a lot of people were so curious about what I was doing in Stockholm, how I found it what was the most exciting. I had my internship in the managing authority of European Social Fund in Sweden. The internship and its activities were colored with the brightest colors!  It was perfectly good: everything was organized according to the agreed internship plan and it included a lot of challenging activities. Otherwise the time was not overcrowded and I had some possibilities to explore the Swedish culture as well.

The objectives and activities of the internship were the following:

– Representation of Swedish ESF Council and the Swedish Operational Programme for the ESF;

– Introduction of activities in employment, social and education policies with a special focus on the links to the EU Baltic Sea Strategy;

– Representation of relevant to EU Baltic Sea Strategy ministries (Employment Ministry, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Education) in Sweden;

– Representation of central governmental agencies represented in the Baltic Sea Network-ESF (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth; International Program Office; Swedish Board for Youth Affairs; Public Employment Office; The Swedish Social Insurance Agency; SALAR, The Swedish Association for Local and Regional Authorities).

Despite the activities described above, I am glad by having an opportunity to visit Belgium, Poland. I visited a lot of different conferences and events in Stockholm. Also, I appreciated an opportunity to participate in the event that was organized in the second biggest city in Sweden, Gothenburg. I still remember the sun in that harbor city… It was shy and at the same time very inspiring to seek for the specialties of all the surroundings.

In Belgium, I took part in the international European conference for the representatives from different EU countries; the discussion was about gender mainstreaming. I had an opportunity not even to understand new theoretical ideas but to absorb the working skills and methods of the interested persons as well.

In Poland, I had an opportunity to be a co-facilitator. I was not the first time for me, I did it before as well, but the time in Poland was quite different. First of all, it met a lot of project promoters. I was extremely nice to imagine their ideas and try to help to develop them. I  did not consider for how far away these people are able to go with these ideas, but I strongly believe that as soon as they are encouraged by these ideas, it has to live inside of them and to play in a different way each day… Needless to say, I met about a million of fascinating people there! …

.. And I still feel that the internship gave me a lot.

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You cannot recognize it from the beginning or even during it. 

The fruits have to be ripening just after they well seen.

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I guess that the strength of mine during the internship was that I had inside of me the principle of “you are responsible what happens in your life and great occasions came just when you are ready”. At the moment I able to say for about one million time that I was lucky to choose the internship and to be picked by it as well. 

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