Projekto ciklo valdymo praktika Portugalijoje

I was studying Economics at Vilnius University. During my studies I participated in the Erasmus Programme and did one semester at „Universidad de Deusto“ in Spain, Bilbao city. It was a good experience and I had one really interesting course – international project management. Teacher was really inspiring, we had a lot of work in groups and the final task was to do a real project. After this I thought that I would like to work in this field. After a while I find out that after studies it is still possible to participate in the Erasmus+ scholarship for the internship. I decided that it would be a good opportunity to find out more about project management, improve my knowledge and get experience, so I applied for an internship at „IrRADIARE“ in Portugal.

The company was not big, with multicultural and friendly people, so it was easier to get know with each other and discover new things not only about working experience but also cultural things. Our boss always said that we are like a family: taking lunch and cofee breaks all together, celebrating birthdays. Everybody was nice and helpfull for each other. During my internship I was responsible for European projects planning and programming, communication with a customers and partners, for investigating company’s international economic environment and its development trends. In addition, I had to make suggestions how to improve company’s performance, was responsible to prepare and keep an eye on time/control tables for projects,prepare call calendars, had to compose short descriptions and summeries for projects, fill the forms, prepare slides for presentations, search for various information and develope new ideas for existing and future projects. One of the task, that we were working on quite a long time(because of a lot of data) was to generate company data base, put all the contacks, information and records, to devide all contacts with a different requirements, to correct mistakes and so on. Also I was participating in one conference (as a lisener) about smart and sustainable growth solutions. After all, I achieved and improved my social, team work, project managing, time control and creativity skills. Furthermore, during the internship i also improved my English and Spanish skills.

All in all, my internship has been a great and inspiring experience. Although I had a lot of tasks to deal with, my 3,5 month were filled with nice moments and valuable experience. I met new people, had opportunity to travel around Portugal, explore different cities, find new places, get known with portuguese culture, listen fado, see typical portuguese life style, try local bakeries and cuisine. Lisbon is a really alive city and full of art, therefore you never get bored.

To sum up, once again I am really grateful for this opportunity. Thank you so much “Partners 4 Value“ for helping me gain such a useful experience. Portugal is a beautiful country with an incredibly gorgeous nature, nice and positive people!

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