Praktinė patirtis Europos aplinkos ir sveikatos centre (PSO)

After two years of exploring sensitivity to heat and health impacts of heat on mortality and morbidity among adults in Vilnius city and after finishing masters of Public Health Epidemiology in Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, I was very much eager to put my accumulated theoretical knowledge into practice and have a professional international experience in the World Health Organization, European Centre for Environment and Health (WHO ECEH).  And I did!

During the internship I strengthened capacities in reviewing technical documents, providing constructive inputs to their further development and liaising with internal and external colleagues and partners and learnt how to produce high-quality publications, training materials and maintain programmatic web sites. Furthermore I had an opportunity to develop and refine skills and professional capacity for health advocacy in the water, sanitation and health area, and specifically increase her technical knowledge on health and educational outcomes on Water, sanitation and health in schools.

And of course, I had a great pleasure in understanding the nature of international organisations as workplaces and their associated values, routines and cultures. I met lots if interesting and inspirational people and I am still in contact with them.

I have very fond memories of my time in Bonn and I feel confident that my experience at WHO ECEH will be highly beneficial for future professional opportunities in the field of environment and health, especially in water and sanitation domain.

Don‘t wait too long, take your chances now!

Best wishes!

Dovilė Adamonytė, VU graduate

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