Praktika Lietuvos ambasadoje Helsinkyje

As a Finnish-speaking student starting Master’s programme in Scandinavian and European studies in Vilnius University, I was already willing to get some practical experience in the Embassy of Lithuania in Finland. I my dream came true after my graduation – I was accepted to complete my Erasmus + traineeship in the Embassy of Lithuania in Helsinki for 5 months.

Before starting the traineeship I could not even imagine, how interesting and valuable my daily routine in the Embassy will be! Few times a week we used to gather for a morning meeting with the Ambassador and other personnel to discuss weekly schedule and to share the assignments. My major responsibilities were to follow political and economic news of Finland, to prepare reviews on topical issues and monthly newsletters. Besides I participated in Finnish government institutions’ briefings and seminars, answered inquiries by e-mail and phone. I also contributed in organizing Embassy‘s events, preparing press releases, helping with consular and administrative functions and other assignments as necessary. Therefore every working day in the Embassy was different, versatile and rewarding. The personnel were very friendly and helpful, what helped me to integrate quickly to the Embassy’s daily life.

Erasmus + Traineeship in the Embassy of Lithuania in Finland was one of my best decisions and working experiences. I have learned a lot, gained hands-on experience in working in the diplomatic mission, better knowledge of bilateral relations between Lithuania and Finland. It has also helped me to improve my Finnish skills and motivated me to consider the possibility to continue my career path in the diplomatic sector. Although the traineeship was challenging, I would highly recommend it to other students!

Goda Juodpusytė

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