Praktika vystomojo bendradarbiavimo NVO Ispanijoje (Fundación Red Deporte Y Cooperación)

Fundación Red Deporte Y Cooperación started its activities in the 1999, with the goal of supporting health education and integration of children and youth in the developing countries. Organization emphasizes „sport as an instrument of promoting peace and understanding among individuals in the post-conflict environments and refugee areas“, as well as, Red Deporte promotes sport as a core activity for human and social development, promotion of social activities, health procedures and etc.

Red Deporte concentrates its activities around the three broad fields: international cooperation, awareness-raising and integration. Organization has carried out more than 50 projects in 25 developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and implemented many initiatives in Spain. Awareness-raising programmes are mainly conducted in schools, sports clubs and universities, with a purpose to demonstrate how sport can help to get access to basic education, health care, integration, peace and reconciliation in the vulnerable communities of the world. Integration initiatives promotes inter-cultural learning between nationals and immigrant communities, supports peaceful cohabitation, respect for each other and non-discriminatory attitudes.

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It was useful experience for me, I met group of professionals engaged in the field of international development, I gained new perspective how to deal with development-related issues and implement field projects in a more efficient way. In general, internship activities were more focused on technical work where I had to produce various materials needed for implementation of the projects, for instance, production of annual report, info-graphics, doing small researches, assisting with project proposal writing and etc.

In my personal assessment, even thought that I gained valuable practical experience while working on assignments, qualification internship was much more useful considering professional contacts that I made. During the internship we agreed and singed partnership agreement for the project to be started in Lithuania, and we agreed to work in the future on joint projects while nurturing and expanding our newly-established partnership.

I believe that going abroad for an internship is a good way to start your professional career. During the internship you have a chance to meet likeminded people, to make friendships that last, to build multicultural experience and to start building your professional network. It leaves you excited and hungry for the new experiences abroad.

Anyone interested in doing his/her internship here, could reach me on, I could get you in touch with the General Manager of the organization.

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