Praktika Vasario 16-osios gimnazijoje Vokietijoje

I had an internship in lithuanian gymnasium of Germany. This school is really special: part of children and teachers are from Lithuania and another part – from Germany and they study and work together. School has lithuanian subjects like history of Lithuania, language lessons, geography and religion. Children communicate in some languages, so they have all opportunities to improve their skills. Other special thing is that some children not only study there, but also live in the same place: there is a big park with two buildings: school and dormitory. So some students live there all around the year.

I have spent four moths there. The main my activity was lessons of history of Lithuania. I was moderator of that subject for three classes: the eight, the ninth ant the eleventh. Also I had after – school activities: homework preparing (some students do their homeworks at school from 6.30 PM to 8 PM every evening), also I supervised four girls in the dormitory. Those girls are form 5-8 classes, so they, especcialy the youngest ones, need some help with housework and etc. So I came every evening to look how are they and if they rooms are clean, if they went to sleep in appropriate time, do they agree well or maybe have some conflicts. Moreover, I participated and organized some events there. The biggest our event was Christmas show. I performed the role of angel there.

To sum up, I’ve had great experience, met a lot of new people, explored new places and I hope that all new things I have learned, could help for me to create my future as well as it’s possible.

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