Praktika Turkish Airlines žurnalų grupėje

After graduating from Vilnius University and getting my BA degree  in Publishing, I‘ve decided it‘s never enough of having international experience, especially when you have the opportunity for that which I should be thankful for Partners4value. Therefore, my adventure started in July, 2015 when I moved to Istanbul for 2,5 months to learn, explore and get lost in this extraordinary city. Before that I spent a semester living there, so I already knew what to expect and how to survive in this huge multicultural environment.

First, the organization of my internship is called Muessese Iletisim which is the Publishing company working mainly with Turkish Airlines In-Flight Magazines: „Skylife“ , „Skylife business“ and „Anadolu Jet“ . During my traineeship I had various tasks from researching various possible topics for the future articles, writing them to contacting colourful artists and interviewing them. Sometimes the tasks were quite easy, sometimes it required more time to figure out all of them but in general it made my internship go pretty fast. The people around always were helpful and the atmosphere was quite friendly and relaxing which made the learning process go smoothly as well!

Second, I‘ve visited a lot of different cities around the world but Istanbul impresses me every time I am there! It‘s a perfec t place for an internship and international experience. Living there never gets boring and there is one saying that describes the city perfectly „Istanbul is the routine of surprises“. 16mln of people living there, amazing views of Bosphorus, and ferries as a simple and usual public transport to cross from one continent to another are the details that create magic atmosphere.

Third, I only can be thankful for the all experiences I had during my internship and strongly suggest everybody to take part in this programme as long as its related with the field you are interested in!

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