Praktika Thermilate Technologies Ltd.


I’ve graduated from Vilnius University in June 2015. It appeared not so easy to find a job as per my study subject (Philosophy), that it why I decided to opt for an internship that could increase my employability. A month later I’ve moved to the United Kingdom and started my traineeship at this medium sized enterprise. The company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of all sorts of paints and coatings. I consider my traineeship knowledge to be truly beneficial.

My main responsibility was to help out a team of employees to deliver their production targets. Day to day activities started with sorting out components. Obviously item registration and stocking had to proceed each time we received a parcel. This might sound as an easy thing to handle, but believe me, during busy orders the amount of kettles, caps, cans, lids, packer boxes, labels and so, can be tiringly overwhelming. Also I had to assist lads when receiving main ingredients, a great number of tanks with unpronounceable chemical names on them. It’s quite a different sensation to handle a ton of white spirit, a highly flammable and even explosive liquid material, rather than a just a big bucket.

Additionally, I had to help and maintain cleanliness to a standard during manufacturing process. Major manufacturing processes were performed by certified chemists, but they always needed an extra hand during machinery and inventory wash-outs. These wash-out had to be done for each differently coloured batch or when chemical base had to be changed from oil-based to water-based type of paint.

On a personal side, I have improved my understanding of English language, though honestly Yorkshire accent still seems kind of tricky at certain moments. I had to work with guys of different cultural origins, but our common goal united us and I understood that diversity can be beneficial. Team work was a lot of fun.

I am deeply thankful to European Commission and their associates for promoting Erasmus+ programme. My internship would not have happened without it.


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