Praktika tarptautinėje alinkosaugos įmonėje Latvijoje

Hello future interns!

If you are reading this blog, you must be considering right now weather to go for the internship, or not and if yes, than where. I have just successfully completed my internship in Latvia and would strongly say – YES, GO!

So here is my story.

It have happened that I went to Riga,Latvia for exchange studies, on my last year of Masters. Studies period went smooth, as well as living in Riga. I enjoyed the similarities of culture and language, and was always accepted by locals with greeting „braliukas“. My study exchange period ended after defenses of the thesis and a great idea come up to my head – why not to check possibilities of internship and extend my stay in Latvia. And now here I am, working in international Environmental Consulting enterprise in Riga.

During my internship I have been working on one large air pollution dispersion project. I was given a serious and responsible tasks and a possibility to show my creativity and ability to work on my own. Of course I was always able to ask help of colleagues and project managers, who were very helpful. I gained amazing experience as an environmental specialist: touched a real project and dealt with large scale environmental issues. I felt very lucky to be able to work with such a strong team of professionals. Everyone in the company knew English very well, so it was never a problem in terms of the language. As well I have learned some Latvian, when hearing people talking around me.

After the internship I feel that I have grown a lot, comparing to the person I was in summer, before entering the doors of enterprise. Working with a people of different nationality, talking about work related tasks not in your native language and at the same time trying to blend in the new team was a challenge, but I am very happy I went for it. I have learned to use various environmental software and the specifics of work, all experience boosted up my professional skills and now I feel more confident regarding finding a job, in both Latvia or Lithuania. But I don’t need to look for a new job – I was offered to work and continue with the project. Even thought, I would like to get a job in Lithuania, this work experience would make my CV shine.

So if you are still in doubts, I suggest you to be more brave and try the internship. You will gain a lot of new valuable experience, learn foreign languages and improve your professional skills!


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