Praktika Skaitmeninės rinkodaros agentūroje Liublianoje

This is my third Erasmus+ exchange including the Netherlands (Groningen) and France (Paris). For my internship after graduation, I chose little, but the cozy and absolutely beautiful country – Slovenia! I can say – the BEST international experience I had.

Capital city – Ljubljana – is like Vilnius so I felt as at home. People are more friendly here. They speak Slavic language. They also speak English very well. Even elderly could support normal conversation with me, which is quite impressive.

In Lithuania I studied Creative Industries in VGTU. This internship titled DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST. I wanted to try working in an advertising agency for some time already. Very small company (only 2 members) hosted me for 4 months.

I got full responsibilities and felt as an equal team member from the very start! My tasks included:
-Social media management (creating, editing and scheduling posts; managing paid ads; communicating with the audience);
-Video production (filming and editing video clips);
-Content editing (editing visuals; copywriting; website editing);
-Creative support for single projects.

I definitely learned a lot! The opportunity to actually learn from the best and most experienced is worth so much. I met one of the most motivated and hard-working people in the whole Slovenia. They co-founded the company POINT OUT more than 5 years ago. I had an opportunity to ask every question and get a fast and sincere answer as well as guidance 24/7. Since we were working as a great team and shared all information with each other, I also saw both, dark and bright side of the business.

This internship is definitely a valuable experience. It will help me in my future career in many ways. My skills improved in digital marketing and video production fields. I got new contacts which could be VERY useful for the future career. International experience is an amazing advantage and great line for your CV. Most importantly, I feel more self-confident and sure about my capabilities.

Go to exchanges, use your ERASMUS+ opportunity and shape your career path.

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