Praktika portale ITLIETUVIAI.IT

In summer of 2016 I graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of the Communication where I finished Analytic Journalism. From the October 3, 2016 to March 11, 2017 I’ve done my traineeship at the website ITLIETUVIAI.IT in Rome, Italy. This website is really special: one part of the audience is local Lithuanians, second – readers in Lithuania.

My tasks at this website was: travelling around Italy and reflecting Lithuanians stories and activities from different country areas; preparing reports from events of Lithuanian community in Italy; Identifying Lithuanians vital problems and developing them into stories.

I am very happy with my traineeship, because I had an opportunity to find out and participate in many activities of local Lithuanians in Italy. I wrote about international conferences, cultural events and some vital problems of international relations between Italy and Lithuania; Russia and Italy. Some of my articles were also published by the main Lithuanian news portal DELFI.

Although the master degree of Analytic Journalism is my second (first was at 2012 from International Relations), this traineeship was my first Erasmus experience at all. I believe that internship at the website ITLIETUVIAI.IT will remain as one of my best working experiences. It helped me to gain some real journalist skills and I am looking forward for the career in Lithuania as a journalist researcher.

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