Praktika Odos ir tekstilės Institute Bukarešte, Rumunijoje

I had the opportunity to do my traineeship for 4th months at the Institute of Leather and Textile in Bucharest, Romania. The National Research and Development Institute for textiles and Leather investigation laboratories are accredited by RENAR and perform analyses and tests for textile products, garments, leather and footwear, for the purpose of preventing unfair competition, providing the competitiveness of the products in demand on the internal and external markets, subjected to increased development and performance.

During my traineeship I was given responsibilities and independence. Solving various problems made me feel like an equal part of the laboratory team – which, I believe, is the best experience that every Erasmus program participant could ask for.

Main experiment which I have developed under the guidance of my coordinator was based on extraction of the collagen and gelatin from fish heads which was truly challenging and remarkable because it made me consider to continue my studies as an PhD thesis.

Regardless of the professional experience gained during the traineeship at the Institute, I had the pleasure to be a part of the Romanian lifestyle and improved my English skills. I also learned a few expressions in Romanian and I found out that Romanian language it is similar with Italian language (both being Latin languages at the base).

Possibility to travel, live and work side by side with a group of Romanian scientists was a good opportunity which was possible only because of the Erasmus program, moreover I can recommend this experience to others.


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