Praktika mokymų centre Audio Gil, Ispanijoje

The training center Audio Gil consists of two departments, meant for professional education and language teaching. I had an opportunity to work in the previous one, which comprises the Spanish Institute and the Foreign Languages School.

My internship was mostly directed towards language teaching and in addition I was helping in the administration of the department. As a teacher I had three individual students of my own and substituted other teachers whenever needed. The work in administration let me participate in the inner life of the Language school: I had to enroll new students, correct language level tests, assist during official Spanish language exams (DELE), assists other teachers in the School and perform various other administrative tasks.

In the end, the internship was far form an easy one. Long working hours and sometime really exhausting weeks due to official visits or absence of teachers. However, it feels like I’ve definitely learned a lot. In addition to office work experience (sometime in rather stressful conditions), encounter with English language teaching, and teaching of B2 and C1 level students (which was new for me), the internship was very useful language-wise: I came with a very low level of Spanish and left with the B2 certificate. The progress came because of Spanish working environment and I was also able to participate in Spanish classes throughout the whole internship.

Nevertheless, the personal growth was the most significant, in my opinion. My image of Spain completely changed during these 6 months (in a very very good way).

So of course, very recommendable and the only advice is to try to squeeze everything you can from it.

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