Praktika Max Planck institute

Edgaras Šmigelskis

Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics

The internship in Max Planck Institute was the 5th internship I had done overall. You might think “why have you done that many?”. The answer is simple – after my first internship, I understood that knowledge and practical experience gained during studies are too superficial and far beyond professional application. It allowed me eagerly to seek for other opportunities to dive into professional world during my studies and inevitable it paid off greatly. Along with expeditious professional growth, internships facilitate personal growth, invaluable experience of living abroad, a new perception of the World, new connections, understanding of different cultures and new opportunities.

A current situation I am at just proves the previous statement – I am an employ of Max Planck Institute. 4 months internship at aforesaid institution allowed me to lay a foundation for present position and feel comfortable with ongoing projects I have to carry out. A great deal of my internship time was dedicated to intensive learning of computer-aided engineering software and getting familiar with DEMO fusion reactor project and its requirements. Skills and knowledge gained during the internship not only will be competent for ongoing position but for future also. In addition, I had an opportunity to take a part in German language course, which I am going to continue further.

As a student, you have a great advantage on your side. Use this status to benefit yourself as much as possible. Go to study abroad as an ERASMUS student, go to USA every summer with Work&Travel program, take a break from your studies and do an international internship and finally to get a full package, do an ERASMUS internship before jumping into the world full of sharks. My advice would be, just go for it without any hesitation! You can thank me later.

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