Praktika marketingo skyriuje „Meet & Eat Barcelona“

I had an internship in international company „Meet & Eat Barcelona“ in Barcelona, Spain. I was working in Marketing management department. The main tasks were: marketing online, blogging, community management and sales. I was trained in order to perform different marketing campaigns using Google Adwords, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and social media managers as well as viral video campaigns on YouTube and other media in order to increase the promotion of company’s products and services.

During my internship I gained basic skills needed for online marketing, video production, the development and optimization of websites, prospection with new technologies and other skills which are essential in our modern day society.

I think that it was the best decision in my life to go on Erasmus+ after my Master studies because I gained a lot of new experiences, met new people, gained new contacts, improved my English and professional skills and moreover I saw how marketing works into international context.

Therefore I can recommend Barcelona as an incredible city with many activities to do there because there are a lot of Erasmus students, international students as well as there is easy to communicate in English. Also I can recommend the company where I had an internship for those people who want to work in international company. This company gives courses online and gives a possibility to work in various spheres and change departments or work into several departments at the same time. There is a space to come out your creativity and this company is the best choice for those who wants to join Barcelona’s cultural and social life.

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