Praktika marketingo agentūroje Redline

I have done my Communication and Marketing Internship in Spain at the marketing agency “Redline” located in Marbella.

To be very honest (even though it sounds extremely stereotypical) at first I was very sceptical about choosing Spain as the country for my internship. In my imagination, Spanish companies seemed to be the places for huge and never ending siestas (which, I thought, can´t really give me a lot of professional experience). So, I was considering the option to join „Redline“ for a long time. But now I need to admit that I was totally wrong and I want to thank „Partners4value“ for helping me to find this place.

All four months which I have spent at „Redline“ have passed so quickly and now I am actually facing a huge problem – it is going to be a real challenge to find a working place which would replace the wonderful atmosphere I was surrounded by in „Redline“.

In my opinion, there are several reasons why „Redline“ is just a perfect place for interns. First of all, as the members of the team are really friendly, it is easy to adapt to a new environment. Every member of the team is not only professional in the particular field – every one of them has a great sense of humour which lets you feel relaxed. In „Redline“ you are never treated like an intern – but as a full participant of the team.

Secondly, the tasks are never boring. During my internship I was asked to create graphic design (websites, business cards, flyers, brochures, magazines), take care of clients social media (e.g. planning social media posts and posting them), maintain the content of websites, program newsletters and so on.

Also, the team of „Redline“ always encourage you to be creative and consider all the ideas you have (even the silliest ones!). As I have arrived with only basic knowledge and a little of practical experience, now I feel I really have a better orientation about “the rules of the world of marketing”.

Another thing to mention is the structure of the team. Since the members of „Redline“ come from very different background, I had an opportunity to work in the international environment as well as to deal with the issues of a very specific local Spanish market. This combination gives double benefit for the interns as the future specialists of communication and marketing.

Furthermore, as „Redline“ is a small company,  interns are fully involved in the whole process of marketing strategies – from the meetings with clients or planning stage to the final results. As an intern of „Redline“ you are actually dealing with the real situations – carrying out the tasks given by clients and that gives priceless experience to you. Some of the graphic design layouts I have made were approved by the clients. It is just the best feeling ever to see how your ideas materialize to the real objects!

Last but not the least – how could anyone complain about living at the seaside and every morning and evening taking seaside road to come to work and get back home! Of course, even though you spend mostly all of your time at the office, life is not only about working. And in this case, Marbella can suggest you a great variety of activities to do – beaches, mountains, places to go out. In general, the region of Andalucia is so beautiful that weekend trips to explore it are a must.

I would also like to share my experience of finding a place to live during the period of my internship. Even though I don´t speak Spanish, I found a room to rent quite easily. There are a couple of great websites (;; to find rooms to rent or flatmates to share an apartment. Talking about the prices, I would say that it is possible to find a place to stay for around 300 euro /month. Of course, it depends on personal needs and priorities. In general, the scholarship you are provided by Erasmus is more or less enough for living in Marbella (once again – it´s up to your needs and habits).

Is Spanish language a must to survive in Spain? It might be a very common question for everyone who is willing to move there. Even though Spain is not on the top of English speaking countries, in Marbella you can easily survive without Spanish – half of the residents here are foreigners so people more or less are used to English language. The same situation is in „Redline“ – they use both (English and Spanish) as their working languages. Anyway, being surrounded by Spanish people every day helps you to improve your Spanish skills and learn about the culture.

I would like to thank both – „Partners4value“ and „Redline“ –  for the opportunity to improve my professional skills.


Stop considering and apply for the internship at „Redline“ today. It is just once-in-a-lifetime chance.

P. S. This internship place is strongly recommended for the ones, interested in graphic design or programming.

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