Praktika Alpine Sterling_Maltoje

Malta is tiny island, hardly visible on the map, perfect place to hide for holidays and have a rest. Despite it’s size, there are a lot of things to see. Breathtaking extraordinary landscapes with cliffs and crystal clear seaside water are one of the best I have ever seen.  During season time calm island becomes place full of joyful tourists and happy people. Smiley local faces and  holiday atmoshere force to relax and forget everything around.

,,Alpine Holdings’’ is group of several different companies, one of them – Alpine Sterling, where I did my internship. This company’s activity is related with tourism services. I was working as accountant assistant and mainly all my tasks were related with daily bank position transactions of several company’s bank accounts. During this time, I learned a lot of new basic things, needed for my future career. I was trained how to cooperate with colleges, how to plan work hours and how to deal with difficulties and misunderstandings. Actually, not just that. This experience gave me benefit in all life fields, it gave me lessons and background for  my new life steps. It is the workplace staffed with intelligent professional people, who are willing to share their skills and knowledge with students. I would  recommend this place for students having big expectations and willing to get valuable experience for the rest time of the life.

I spent amazing time: working and getting essential experience, as well time of adventures and holiday entertainments. Besides,  I was surrounded by cheerful people, who made me smile everyday and enjoy my time in Malta. If it is hard to decide, my advice – don’t think too much, it is totally worth it.

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