Praktika Lundo universiteto Inžinerijos fakultete

The title seems for the reader so promising. And Yes – this Erasmus mobility was one of the most full of positive experience.

I am from Ukraine and to study in Vilnius Gedimino Technical University for me was already a big international experience. I highly appreciate the opportunity of widening my knowledge.

Last spring I have got an amazing opportunity to work as an assistant of researcher in one of the greatest university in Europe – Lund University (Sweden). Moreover, it is one of Europe’s oldest, largest and most prestigious universities, consistently ranking among the world’s top 100 universities. For now, I know that Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Department of Technology and Society is one of the most welcome departments for international workers and practitioners.

I was lucky to participate in this mobility with my best friend and that made our work there even more enjoyable. So, we spend three fantastic months of our life in a small Swedish city, Lund. It is an amazing city with lovely nature and friendly environment. Students and university staff are approximately 80% of the total number of city’s residents. All people who I have met there was more or less involved in some interesting researchers in the field of biology, history, physic, psychology. So I had a really good opportunity to improve my knowledge in all field of studies. As the Swedish community support any sports activity, it has well a developed cycling infrastructure. Moreover, the coordinator of the internship significantly simplified our stay there by giving department’s bicycles to me and my friend.

The tasks which I received from the supervisor were clearly determined. The main duty was connected with the European Union project “In-depth understanding of accident causation for vulnerable road users”. I have been involved in various activities organized by department. Except for my duties during the internship, it was a big pleasure to help my colleagues with other investigations. I have been participating twice in some international workshops. A couple of times I have been involved in field works with special equipment and went to other cities such as Malmo and Hellsibourg.

With my friend we had two separate rooms at the department, which we shared with other doctoral students.  As during these three months we had to finish work on the master’s theses, it was important to get access to the university library. On the working place, we were free to get all the needed materials. In our office, we have had a flexible work schedule, so it was possible to have access to the workplace all 24 hours, 7 days per week.

I with a big pleasure shared the tradition with my coworkers to have a short coffee break during the day which calls ‘fika’. Almost every day somebody from department bringing homemade cookies and inviting for a friendly talk in the kitchen.

During the period of mobility, I have become trained conflict observer. I have participated in one-week training organized by our department “The Swedish conflict technique”. It was a great experience of international communication, getting new skills and just catching the knowledge about new for me fields of science.

It is widely known fact in Lund that it is hard to get some place to stay in this city. Firstly it was a bit hard and stressful to find some apartment for staying there for 3 months, but I was lucky. I have found a perfect house, the owner was so friendly and kind person.

Generally, Sweden is a reach country by a culture and beautiful nature. During a free time, I had a pleasure to explore a couple of cities. With my friend, we visited museums and a plenty of wonderful galleries. The favorite activity for us was just to bike around the city and feel the atmosphere of marvelous spring in Sweden.

I am giving an advice for all people who read this – Do not afraid to go to other countries to explore other cultures. It could be more interesting to have the first job in a foreign environment. For me, this mobility period was a big step forward.

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