Praktika Lietuvos Respublikos ambasadoje Ispanijos Karalystėje

I started to plan my internship when I was still dealing with my bachelor thesis and my last exams in the university. Actually, I was dreaming about this much more earlier and then I told myself that I have to try to apply. Also, I thought that if I go to Erasmus+ after my graduation, it will be an internship at the embassy. And at the very moment when I was already forgetting about the letter I sent and when I thought that my plan with the internship is over, I received my acceptance letter. I could say that at this point my Erasmus story began even though I had plenty of time left to prepare.
So, when I finally started my internship, I tried everything from secretary desk tasks to consul’s personal car driving (I do not want you to be jealous, but it is true). Also, I participated in two big and different international events held in Madrid (“La Navideña Feria Internacional de las culturas“ & FITUR) and in few meetings of EUNIC. My major responsibilities as a graduated Spanish-speaking trainee were to follow political and economic news of Spain and to prepare reviews on topical issues and monthly newsletters. In addition, I had an opportunity to translate one Lithuanian movie subtitles to Spanish (now this movie is going to Argentina!). Finally, of course I met Lithuanians who are living in Spain and made some new friends.

Furthermore, there are less than 10 people working in the Embassy of Lithuania in Madrid so it is normal that in 6 months you become attached to the people you are working with. And I am very grateful to my tutor Lina who is an incredible person and a multitasking genius. Also, I am glad that I had an opportunity to work with such positive and easy-going, but responsible staff. We even spent some weekends together!
During my Erasmus+ I gained a lot of experience. First, I challenged myself in diplomatic sector and that was something I really wanted to do for a long time. Also, I acknowledged a lot about bilateral relation between Lithuania and Spain and of course about Spain’s political and economic issues on the inside and outside the country. There is no doubt this internship helped me to improve my Spanish skills and I could also add that it encouraged me to practice my knowledge of Lithuanian.

Ieva Krikštopaitytė

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