Praktika Lietuvos Respublikos ambasadoje Čekijos Respublikoje

In summer of 2016 I graduated from Kaunas University of Technology where I finished my bachelor’s degree in European studies and translation. Being a fresh graduate and not knowing what field I should choose for my master’s degree, I decided to take a wonderful opportunity and gain more experience by doing a recent graduate Erasmus+ traineeship.

For five months (from September, 2016 till January, 2017) my new home became beautiful city of Prague where I did internship at the embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Czech Republic. During the period of my internship I was involved into various activities – doing briefings of current political and economic issues of Czech Republic, assisting with Embassy’s events and meeting planning, updating consular forms and Embassy’s website information, helping in Lithuanian weekend school “Debesynas”, participating in various political/scientific conferences, informative briefings of Czech Republic ministries and other events, assisting with the Embassy’s relevant work (inventory, accounting management, collection or relevant information).

The chance to take part in recent graduate Erasmus+ traineeship was really valuable experience because I not only gained additional knowledge in the field of international relations and diplomatic service, but also improved my personal and academic skills that will be really useful for my future career path. Also, the connections that I made with people from various countries helped me to expand my social circle and gave me opportunity to learn more about different cultures.

I am really thankful to wonderful staff of the embassy for the guidance and letting me be a part of fantastic team. I am sure that this internship helped me not only to grow in my wanted career field but also as a person.

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