Praktika Lietuvos ambasadoje Austrijoje

Since philology is a field related to many others, at first I struggled while choosing an appropriate placement. As a graduate of German Philology at the Vilnius University it was beneficial for me to choose from German speaking countries. Living in a German speaking environment and working with other Lithuanians was not only useful for my language and translation skills. It also taught me a lot about Lithuanian communities abroad as well as important political affairs of both my own country and the entire EU.

My main tasks besides translations were working with documents, writing letters, reviews and other papers relevant to diplomatic communication as well as to functioning of the embassy as such. I have also visited some diplomatic events, which also contributed a lot to the understanding how does the communication between countries actually work.

The people working at the embassy are friendly and supportive, also Vienna is a city with a lot of possibilities and very rich cultural life, and staying here is a great opportunity to embrace it, therefore the traineeship here is not only professional, but also personal development.

Now after the traineeship period I am interested in working at governmental or international organizations more than ever. I think working at the embassy gave me the possibility to grasp how do such institutions work and what is important in such a job as well as professional experience that is going to be beneficial in any path I choose to take.

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