Praktika Lietuvos ambasadoje Austrijoje

Erika Jurkšaitė


Around one year ago, I already started to search for internship mainly in the German speaking countries in due process of my bachelor thesis. Finally and after constant search, I managed to secure myself an internship position in a translation office named „Nativy“ based out of Austria in March of 2017.mAfter working at the mentioned establishment, I came to realise about the major differences of what I had assumed with regards to an ethical work place and what was the reality of the mentioned employer’s conduct.

Therefore, I decided to terminate my engagement with Nativy at my own will and to seek for a more suitable employer in terms of professionalism and set policies.

After further continuous search, I was very fortunate to be offered a position at the Lithuanian Embassy in Austria. My position was mainly assisting the staff with their procurement processing further to the monitoring the daily political events in Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia. In addition to that, I was also involved in providing assistance during the semi- official cultural and political events.

Despite the short period of my internship, I feel very confident in the experiences I’ve gained in the process, the internship also thought me great methods of applying my knowledge in the workplace and the key elements of working as a team toward a common goal.

As for my free times during weekends, I spared most of it towards exploring attractions and history sites within Austria.

I found Austria a great place to work and if not, at least to visit for once. I’m most grateful for the hospitality of the local people, and also, the great team of staff in the embassy of Lithuania in Vienna who took me in as an Intern, trusted and provided me with a vast of experience and with the professionalism made me feel I’m at home while away from home.






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