Praktika kūrybinės lyderystės centre

I spent 4 months with the Center for Creative Leadership in the capacity of the Intern and there I gained a very pleasant learning experience. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to temporarily become a member of the devoted and highly-motivated sales and marketing team, as learning from them I got invaluable insights of the business operations and the marketing function. I experienced the joy of breaking a sales record and the disappointment of a program cancellation. The anxiety for properly organizing an event and the relief when everything was executed as planned. I never felt excluded and my opinion was valued. I could see the “growth mindset” mentioned in CCL’s research applied in action. The best leaders lead by example and so does Center for Creative Leadership staff!

Throughout my internship in this leadership development company, I was able to grow both: vertically and horizontally and this kind of experience will have a significant impact for my future career.

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