Praktika KeyProbject organizacijoje Turkijoje

Azer Nuriyev 

I have had an internship in KeypProbject company, which has activity in education and training fields and is located in Turkey. I was working as an intern in sales and marketing department.
During my internship period, I was being coordinated by my supervisor and marketing manager. Every day I was given different tasks, which contained searching the competitor companies, looking for their products, defining the target audience, preparing presentations for potential customers, communicating with different universities, making contracts with them, participating in marketing oriented promotional meetings. At first days the job seemed very confusing but gradually, I get used to it and adapted very quickly.
For new students who are planning to get an internship in a different country, I recommend to be very communicative, attentive and respectful to other countries culture. They should learn about the country’s culture, people’s behavior of this country before they go for internship.
As the result of my internship, I gained a practical knowledge about marketing tools, especially in social media marketing, improved my communication skills with different characteristics of people and practiced my foreign languages. I want to thank Erasmus Plus which created a chance to have such beautiful and amazing experience. And in future, if I have a chance I would like to take such internship again.




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