Praktika Kemnico Technologijos universitete (TUC)

Germany is a great, well developed, and very welcoming country. I was very grateful to have such an amazing opportunity to do my internship in Chemnitz University of Technology (TUC). It is a strong growing university, which improves new technologies together in cooperation with business. Print and media institute of the University gave me an unforgettable experience. There I learnt how to work in laboratories with lot of different equipment and devices which I never used before. I got the opportunity to participate in a real scientific investigation and wrote my master thesis out of it. I am very happy that I had a chance to meet many professional people from my study field, which were very supportive and helpful and also introduced me to the totally different but very promising approach and applications (like printed electronics) that could be used in printing industry.

During my internship, most of the time I worked with one of the project task (the university was participating in) which was to create fully printed supercapacitors by employing conventional printing technologies. I did lots of experiments and tests with screen printing equipment, created and tested the variety of different mixtures for active printed supercapacitors components.

However, despite valuable academic work experience, I made new friends, met a lot of extremely friendly and warm people, and hopefully built a strong academic relationship with the University and academic people for possible future studies or work.

I am very happy and very thankful for this opportunity and I hope there will be similar projects in near future, which will continue development of cooperation with other academic or business organizations creating the possibility to gain invaluable experience for students.

Gabrielė Keraitė

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