Praktika Kembridžo Universiteto Psichiatrijos Departamente

After graduating in Psychology from Vilnius University I was accepted for an internship at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge, where I worked as a research assistant for 6 months. I am pleased that this internship has allowed me to obtain experience, otherwise not available in Lithuania. Working on multiple projects I have enhanced my skills in data analysis and scientific writing and consequently have become a co-author of a paper accepted for publication in Schizophrenia Research. What is more, I have improved my understanding of mental health service provision for children and young people by analysing qualitative data for a project aimed at improving the delivery of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the East of England. However, I feel that the best thing about this internship was the opportunity to meet dedicated people, contribute to their work and receive support from them. Overall, I am certain that this experience will be invaluable for my future studies and career in the field of mental health.

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