Praktika kelionių agentūroje Londone

I am so happy to share my third international Erasmus+ experience after an internship in travel agency that was based in London. Since the very childhood I was curious child and I had a passion for traveling. This lead me to find an internship in a traveling section.  I‘ve chosen London because I really like the good vibes and the great opportunities this city provides.

From the beginning of the internship I was dealing with different tasks in the office. Each morning we started with a small morning meeting to cover tasks which have to be done during the day. My responsabilities included searching for new travel agents and agencies in Abania and other Balkan countries. Also, I was working with a couple of collegues on social media. Each day we had to schedule posts on social media channels in order to promote travels. These tasks granted me a possibility to aquire some specific skills such as communication and marketing skills that I believe will be very usefull in my future career.

My overall experience during the Erasmus+ internship was really great! I met new people and gain new skills that I will definitly use in my future career. I am so gratefull I had this opportunity. So go and take it. Erasmus+ program offers so much and you will see how much you will grow up as a person during the exchange mobility!

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