Praktika kalbų ir kultūros centre Accademia Italiana Salerno

During my Master studies in Translation (Vilnius University), I decided that the best way to improve my Italian language skills would be doing an internship in Italy. Thus, I was excited when I found out Erasmus + and Partners4value program for Master degree students.  Actually, it was my third time as Erasmus student in Italy: I had already done one internship during my BA studies and I was participating in Erasmus exchange in 2013. The saying goes as: Erasmus once, erasmus forever! I was fortunated to find an internship at the Accademia Italiana – Italian language and culture center, which has been offering Italian courses since 1997. The Center is located in one of the most beautiful town of Campania, in Salerno.

During all the period of my internship (3 months) I was supported by a tutor who arranged my daily and weekly tasks and helped me as much as she could. My main tasks were translation of texts for the website and for promotional material, recording files and bookings, helping with students‘ accommodation management, dealing with daily front desk acitivities, organizing weekly and daily leisure programme‘s schedule, participating in excursions and leisure activities with the students and lots more.

However, this internship wasn‘t just working with the assigned tasks. It was valuable cultural and emotional experience, which is quite difficult to describe. First of all, I had a great opportunity to work in well-organized Italian company and to be a part of the team.  Talking about my personal goals of this internship, I wanted to improve my Italian knowledge, get some translation skills, oral practice and to enrich my vocabulary. In fact, after these amazing 3 months in Accademia Italiana I can confirm that I really reached all my goals. As well, I met people from all over the world, who come to Salerno to learn Italian and explore Italian culture: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Brasil, USA, Australia, Japan, ecc. Therefore, I had a great opportunity to observe people with very different cultural background, here in Salerno.

Last, but not least advantage of my internship was the opportunity to travel. After my working hours I tried to explore Campania as much as possible. I visited lots of new places (it‘s hard to describe the beauty of Amalfi coast), tried new tastes, met amazing people.

The work experience abroad gave me confidence in speaking Italian and the opportunity to realize myself in different activities which will help both personally and professionally in my future.

Therefore, if you have any doubts about spending your internship in other country, be sure, that it will be the best choice for you to acquire new skills, find new friends and explore different culture. Thank you Accademia Italiana and Partners4value for this invaluable experience, it was amazing!

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