Praktika Italijos ir Lietuvos prekybos rūmuose

After finishing my third year of bachelor in International Politics and Development studies, I decided it‘s time to use the knowledge I gained during the academic years practically. I chose to do my traineeship in the Italian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and get to know what does it mean to work in a bilateral organization.

My traineeship lasted for four months and I can assure that it was a valuable experience. Even though it is a very small organization, it does a lot of different activities, starting from preparation of legal documents, establishing business relations to organizing stands in various international fairs. My tasks included preparation of press releases, performing administrative assignments, helping during the fairs, preparing the catalogs and many others. I also had a possibility to improve my Italian language skills.

However, most importantly, the traineeship gave me the experience which would be difficult to obtain while studying at University. I had the possibility to immerse myself in social, economical and cultural life of Italy and to see how the organizations operate, what difficulties they face daily, how they cooperate with partners and establish new relations – something that you can‘t learn from the books.  Moreover, I traveled, met new people and enjoyed life in one of the most beautiful European cities – Rome.

I can‘t say it was easy every day – I had some struggles, there were some repetitive tasks and I had to overcome some fairs as well. But was it worth it? Absolutely! I think it is a necessary experience for every student enriching you as a person and giving guidance for the future career. I‘ve learned a lot – from self- esteem to important business lessons.


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