Praktika Italijoje kultūros centre

Previous summer I graduated in Vilnius University at philology and linguistic studies. In the end of summer I went to Italy for my second Erasmus+ internship.

I was working in Associazione Furringa, Italian language and culture organization. The organization carries out Italian language classes for foreigners and organizes cultural activities in the town of Aci Castello. My main personal purpose of this internship was to improve the Italian language skills acquired at the university and to learn about Italian history and culture. My main tasks working in this organization were to help teachers to organize lessons, provide information to Aci Castello visitors, and maintain the activities of the municipal library.

This experience gave me a lot of useful experience in organizing cultural activities also helped establish the Italian language skills acquired at the university. The work experience abroad gave me confidence in speaking foreign language and the opportunity to realize myself in cultural activities.

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