Praktika Itaca mokykloje Madride

I am happy about my Erasmus+ internship experience in Itaca Escuela de Escritura (Itaca writing school). Half year in this institution passed by very quickly. The school is located in the center of Madrid, so commuting was very convenient. The institution provided me a comfortable working space and a personal computer.

Preparation of lecture materials, communication to students and other professors helped me to develop my professional knowledge, improve my Spanish skills and to get to know better the Spanish culture. Besides that, I learned basics of accountancy, which can be valuable in the future, even though it is not related to my specialty. Improved communication, Spanish language and literature skills broadens my career opportunities.

Therefore, I recommend this place for those, who start their professional path. The work atmosphere is very pleasant: you will be welcomed by caring administration, friendly professors and people, who are interested in literature and writing.

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