Praktika interaktyvių sistemų ir programinės įrangos kompanijoje „Continuity Studios“

In July-October of 2015, I participated in Erasmus+ work placement programme through Partners4Value by doing an internship at a small Glaswegian video games and software development start-up Continuity Studios. The folks there got me immediately involved in day-to-day business work. Officially my role was that of Information and Communication intern (expanding and implementing the company’s

social media strategies, helping with all things marketing and communication related, etc.), but it organically enveloped other areas, including helping design new interactive art and video game ideas. My official role grounded my work in it having a practical and marketable component, but the overall atmosphere was creativity-inducing, and encouraged generating various ideas related to interactive systems and computer art. I got to learn the basics of a programming language, too.

I believe this internship was perfect for me – I got to learn valuable skills.

and gain great experience in communication, strategy and beyond – and the skills will most definitely be useful in the future – and it was a great opportunity to live aboard in the lively and artistic city of Glasgow. The team was very welcoming and I had a great time among professionals and friends.

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