Praktika Fyouture nevyriausybinėje organizacijoje Italijoje

My name is Aiste and I am a postgraduate Lithuanian student interested in EU project writing. I was fortunate enough to be selected for Erasmus+ Mobility internship program in Fyouture organisation. Even I have participated in Erasmus+ program before (as being an Erasmus student, Erasmus intern, EVS volunteer, participant of youth exchanges and training courses) still I was so excited to start this new experience!

For 2 months, I became a part of non-governmental Italian organisation Fyouture. One of the projects I worked on was contributing on training course „Youth in EUrope“ dedicated for youth. At first, this task was not so easy for me, because I was not familiar with the project writing. I was lucky that my supervisor was very patient and ready to advice on how to complete every assigned task, not because he felt obligated, but because he truly cared and were motivated to share his experience. My first task was to create a preliminary project schedule. Also, I was responsible for filling an application form which was provided to the National Agency later. The completion of application let me think about every step of the project: place, activities, participants, financing etc. The most interesting part of writing this training course was finding project partners. I was so curious not only because of the directly communication with prospective partners, but more of finding suitable and motivated partner organisation which is working on the topic familiar with training course subject.

The best part of the internship was participating in international training course called “Project Management Academy” which was held in Macedonia. We spent one week discussing about project writing: learning how to find partners, what kind of barriers participants would confront etc. Participation in this project made my internship so special not only of the new knowledge I have gained, but also because of meeting new motivated international youth workers and cooperating with them for one week.

I feel that I have gained good work experience here! Therefore, I strongly advice every student to not hesitate and try themselves as being Erasmus+ intern abroad.

„Life begins at the end of your comfort zone“! 🙂

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