Praktika dirbtinių gėlių tiekėjo-pardavėjo „Euroflor“ įmonėje Barselonoje (Ispanijoje)

While finishing my bachelor studies I had decided that I would like to back to Spain to do ERASMUS+ internship. Spain looked the most attractive because of opportunity to improve my Spanish language knowledge and just simply enjoy good weather and culture in Spain. Also, it seemed that it will be easier because I had already did my own Erasmus in Madrid so I knew how everything is working there.

I have found internship in Barcelona in artificial flowers retailer ‘’Euroflor’’. I was aware that my main task will be costumer search.

Everything seemed fine till the internship started. The company ‘’forgot’’ to mention that they moved away, so I rent a room in a wrong place. Although, because of some problems I had to move out. The biggest minus of the internship was that the trip to and back to the internship place was taking  4 hours a day. Also, my wish to improve my Spanish didn’t go as planned. In the company everyone spoke mostly Catalan.

During the internship I just had to search for a new contacts and costumers all over the Europe and communicate with them. I think by now I could find clients for any company.

The employees were really friendly and helpful, very polite. The company by itself has just 7 regular workers so the inside environment seemed really nice and cosy.

Although, the internship place wasn’t the best choice, living and working (not studying) abroad taught me a lot. Because of so many problems that I had in the beginning I had gained a lot of useful experience for the rest of my life. From doing simple NIE documents to dealing with legal issues.

Would I recommend to do internship in this company? NO. For sure, it is possible to find something that will give more experience and better knowledge. Would I recommend go to do this kind of internship? YES. This is life time experience and for me it was way more different that studies with Erasmus+. I think everyone should try it.

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