Praktika Ascari people GmbH, Miunchenas, Vokietija

While studying I knew that I want to do post graduate internship as I did not yet feel ready for job market. I started with google search that took some time; add up all skype interviews and emails it took around month or more just for research.

I choose small HR company Ascari people GmbH in Munich, but we did close to non HR connected tasks. Working in development department we were focused on market and competitors analysis before releasing new project. Work in this company was run a bit differently as main office is based in Czech Republic and Munich office was run only by interns, we communicated whit our manager through phone, email and skype. None the less we got to do a huge variety of tasks from data base and research of economical data to social media and marketing strategies.

Munich is a beautiful city to live in, nice architecture, friendly people and amazing nature but it is also very expensive city, rent usually starts from 450 euro for a room and can get much higher, public transportation is not cheap as well but interns can get around 20 euro discount from MVV (transportation) company. So if you are considering coming to this city for internship and only have Erasmus grand with no extra payment from company it can be very difficult to survive J.

Further more if you are thinking to try the possibility to do internship abroad, stop thinking and start looking for a company. It is worth it 110%, getting experience in international environment, meeting amazing people, will not only change your point of view but as well give you amazing work experience. After this internship I realized that I want more this kind of wok and I am looking for other internship or job based in international company.

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