Praktika Applify įmonėje Makedonijoje

In June 2015 I gained a bachelor’s degree at Kaunas University of Technology in Media Engineer. Right after I felt like I still need to gain some experience, to search for myself before going somewhere to work. So after my graduation ceremony I applied for Erasmus+ program for recent graduates. And in the middle of August 2015 I was experiencing myself in programming and design company called „Applify“ in Skopje, Macedonia. After 5 months internship I feel confident and experienced enough to start my career as a graphic designer.

During my internship in „Applify“ I was teamed up with few programmers and I was helping them out to create designs for various websites, I had to create icons, banners, menu buttons and all design related things they needed for the website. Also, I was asked to create a new design of business cards and a brochure for the company. During not so busy work days the members of the team I was with thought me the basics of programming, showed how everything is done. After a month of my internship they gave me video tutorials for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. Therefore I improved my creative skills and learned more specific things about web development.

„Applify“ is a Netherlands software development, programming and design company that has office based in Macedonia as well. The Macedonian office is quite small with few people working in it, but I was really happy about that. This way I got a chance to know everyone in the company and learn new things from every single one of them.

So my internship in Macedonia was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I gain a lot of working experience, improved my graphic designers’ skills, improved my English, learned the basics of Macedonian language, met a lot of amazing and talented people, found myself and figured out to which way I want my career to go. It was full of happy moments, meeting new people and exploring bits and bobs of Skopje and whole Macedonia.

All in all, internship in Macedonia gave me confidence about myself, trust in what I do, it made me a better and a stronger person than I was before. I am really grateful to my University for this opportunity and with all my heart recommending to every single one of you to participate in Erasmus + program.

Co cpeka!

Ieva ŠmigelskyteII

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