Praktika Algero Nacionaliniame parke

My internship was the most amazing and useful time which I have ever had during the summer time. With the co-workers from the company „Exploralgero“ I started working for the first time last summer. When I discovered about the possibility for recent graduates to get the Erasmus+ scholarship I had no doubts about choosing the Receiving Organisation as the National Park is a perfect place to grow as a professional in the field of guide services.

Firstly, this summer I became the real member of the company because I was able to work independently and more importantly, I was trusted cash operations. Thus, I gained the experience in working with cash that is useful in all fields of work.

Secondly, my main working languages were Italian and English. Thus, I mastered both of them, especially Italian. My principal task was leading excursions and translating from Italian into English. In the result of the internship So after I have necessary skills to work with tourists in the capacity of the guide.

In conclusion, this internship was my key to the future career because the Receiving Organisation helped me to find myself in a work environment which I love and which I would like to pursue further.

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