Praktika Baltijos kastingo agentūroje Rygoje

I have chosen to do my Erasmus + practice in Baltic Casting Agency that is based in Riga, Latvia. The main reasons that led me to this decision were: possibility to have a closer look into casting business platform that always attracted me; ability to work abroad but still keep close connections with Lithuania; reliability of the accepting company.

From the very beginning, I was dealing with various tasks. I have been working in the office, as well as carrying out some projects in Vilnius and Kaunas. In the office, I was responsible for successful cooperation with Lithuanian actors and talents. That was mainly work with phone and computer. The other part of my practice took part in Lithuania – I was participating in recordings for few commercials; organizing and managing the smooth process of the registration in Kaunas for the new members to Baltic Casting Agency database. These tasks granted me a possibility to comprehend the specific of the casting companies work and get valuable skills that will definitely be useful in my future career.

Besides of beneficial working experience, this practice was appealing in many other ways. I explored the city of Riga, expanded my knowledge about our neighbor country. Working together with Latvian people, I developed my Latvian language skills, find new friends.

To sum everything up, I am very satisfied with my Erasmus + practice. Apart from lots of advantages I gained during the traineeship term, I also got job offer for future collaborations with Baltic Casting Agency.

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