Physiotherapy Internship in Cyprus

The idea to participate in Erasmus program for University graduates was given to me by a friend at the beginning of my last year in University. Today, I can only say many thanks to him! I did my internship at a health care centre Ambiental Touch in Polis, Cyprus from the beginning of July until the end of September.

Even though Ambiental Touch is a small health care centre, it has a name for the services it provides. People with many years of practice and professionalism work there. I’m very satisfied with my time spent there, different experiences I’ve gained, responsibilities and situations.

Before I started my internship I had a basic knowledge about different types of massages and benefits on one’s body and health.

During my stay in Cyprus I was trained to perform quality relaxing and therapeutic massages. Learned more about human’s anatomy, pressure points, different illnesses, conditions and other ways to use massage as a treatment. Moreover, I was given a chance to observe and assist therapists examine patients with minor aches and also with physical disabilities. At the end of my internship I was able to evaluate and treat patients on my own. To add, I’ve learned level 1 Yumeiho (Japanese Traditional Therapy) and level 1 Traditional Thai Massage.

Throughout the internship I was able to apply the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained in University. I improved my English language, learned more about myself. Choosing to work and live abroad for three months was a great way to start my professional life. I have gained insights on how I would like to see my career develop in the future.

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